Written & Created by Johann Wolfe Heisey


Billy Hatchet is a dark and twisted children’s story that just goes to show not all children’s books are meant for kids. Written in the rhythmic tone of Dr. Seuss with a dark setting resembling a Tim Burton film, Johann Wolfe Heisey captures a tale that will definitely gather a following.

Billy Hatchet
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Johann Wolfe Heisey
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A Word From The Author

Life dictates that as we get older we grow up emotionally and mentally, but nowhere is it written that we must give up all the things and dreams that made us happy as a child; the most blissful times of our lives. Keep your inner child alive.

Billy Hatchet

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Meet the Characters

Billy Hatchet was created and written by Johann Wolfe Heisey, who also created all of the characters. The book’s artwork and illustrations were done by Mike Worthen. Copyright © 2011-2022 Johann Wolfe Heisey. All Rights Reserved. First published by Dog Ear Publishing.

Billy Hatchet
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What Readers Are Saying

Here are some reviews from actual customers who’ve purchased and read the book either in paperback or eBook form.

This was awesome. Kinda weird, but awesome.

Barnes & Noble Review

OMG! This book really does resemble a Tim Burton type thing!

Barnes & Noble Review

I won’t say it’s bad for children, but it might concern some parents. Reading it as an adult was very enjoyable though.

Nerdlocker Review

I know the writer of this book, it’s a great book, read it! you will like it too!! the artwork is awesome too!

Amazon Review


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